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Convert a hand-drawn sketch into digital art

In this guide, I show you the process of turning a pen drawn sketch into digital artwork. You’ll need two programs to follow this guide: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I use Photoshop to adjust the tones in the image and Illustrator to convert the flat image into a vector. A vector is useful because …

Why Society6 is an amazing platform for artists to sell art

First of all, let’s talk about making money as an artist. There are many ways for selling artwork: 1. A one off sale of original artwork 2. Limited edition art prints 3. Art prints (unlimited profit potential) 4. Artwork on products (unlimited profit potential) 5. Digital copies (unlimited profit potential) With the first two you’re …

DIY Geode Necklace

Jewelry making has become a new passion of mine. I love creating necklaces or bracelets as gifts. The majority of my gift giving occurs through, so making a present for someone is a nice change. Stepping into a Beadworks store is a serene experience, wandering around a shop filled with pretty sparkly crystals as …

How to make a latte with a Chemex

Definition of latte: “A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. The term as used in English is a shortened form of the Italian caffè latte.” If you have a Chemex coffee maker then you’re half way there with the equipment you’ll need to create a latte, but you will also …

Crystal & Copper Boxes

Minimal white wooden boxes with copper and crystal detailing. I love the geometric shape of the feet from the rectangle box which compliments the hexagon shape of the smaller box. I plan to use as storage boxes for my jewelry/jewellery but they would also work well as office storage for small items.


DIY Wood Slice Coasters

DIY Wood Slice Coasters

Photograph by Elizabeth Viggiano We created wood slice coasters as gifts for our wedding guests, and kept a few to decorate our home! They make lovely handmade keepsakes for friends and family.