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Cafe Breve

A caffè breve is similar to a cappuccino but creamier, its an espresso with steamed half-and-half instead of milk. Although, I make it with steamed milk and add the half-half separately, making it slightly healthier (or so I tell myself). What you’ll need:– Coffee maker – Chemex or Nespresso, what ever you usually use!– Milk …

New Yoga Mats with fun fresh designs

If you’re looking for a new yoga mat with a fun design to inspire your next yoga session, then you’ve come to the right place. Society6 have over 4 thousand yoga mats with unique designs, so you’ll be hard pushed not to find one that fits your style. The yoga mats are lightweight, durable and …


My Thredup Obsession

Thredup Shopping Review Second Hand Clothing Deals

The online store Thredup is my latest obsession, its my go-to place for clothes shopping. I’ll tell you why, plus there is a special offer off your first order at the end of this post.


Silk Decor by AMBA COCO


Introducing AMBA COCO, a luxury brand creating silk pillows with Organic materials in North East America.



Backpacks Society6

Backpacks now available on Society6! And they are in time for starting school, college, or University. They could be used as a gym bag, or to carry your tablet device or laptop (up to 15″), they also make a fun alternative to a handbag. These backpacks crafted for durability and have a high print quality. …

Teaching kids to code through coloring

Teaching kids how to code, or how a coding language works, benefits them by developing future career options and supports their mental development. Mastering the art of coding can be beneficial beyond a career as a software developer. In fact, it’s a language that nowadays is used in the majority of businesses. It can be …

Watercolor Painting Art Prints

After three years of being a Society6 member and promoting over 5,000 pieces of art from fellow artists, I decided to embark upon a curation process. I selected watercolor paintings that I like the most from a variety of artists.

Seven websites to sell art and photography

Is your passion in graphic design, illustration, photography, painting, or all of the above? You can earn money by submitting digital copies of your work to a variety of websites. You can choose to sell your work as an art print and on a range of products. If you are just starting out with selling …

Turn life into illustration

The Adobe Capture CC phone app allows you to turn a hand-drawn sketch, a photo, or live view into a vector illustration. You can also create colour schemes, brushes, patterns, and looks.