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Silk Pillows by AMBA COCO

December 17th, 2018

It is a joy to introduce my new company, AMBA COCO. AMBA COCO  produces unique luxurious decor creations infused with American and European art. Created with British & American craftsmanship of silk & Organic elements, and each handcrafted in Connecticut.

Blue Heron Silk Pillow

The “Blue Heron” silk throw pillow.
Rabbit & Fox Silk Pillow and the Golden Lining Clouds Silk Pillow

Rabbit & Fox” silk throw pillow. The pillow on the right is the “Golden Lining Clouds” silk pillow.

Mountain Valley” mini silk dream pillow. 

“Our philosophy revolves around the creation of luxury
decor pieces in an environmentally conscious way.”

Tamsin Raslan, Founder of AMBA COCO

The first collection, Serene, is comprised of six designs on decorative throw pillows and miniature dream pillows. The Serene collection features American and European art with pieces dating back to 1836. Together they are all uniformed by calm blue tones and a whimsical narrative of wild creatures and nature scenes.

Serene Collection of Silk Pillows from AMBA COCO
The Serene Collection

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written by Tamsin
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