Teaching kids to code

The life-long benefits of teaching kids to code

August 24th, 2017

Teaching kids to code through coloring

Teaching kids how to code, or how a coding language works, benefits them by developing future career options and supports their mental development. Mastering the art of coding can be beneficial beyond a career as a software developer. In fact, it’s a language that nowadays is used in the majority of businesses. It can be useful for anyone who helps to manage a website or send a company branded email, and that applies to many business owners and employees. But beyond the career skills it creates, there are many psychological benefits too.

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Mental Development

The developmental skills learned through coding include courage, critical decision making, cause and effect, and how to think analytically. It also exercises the other half of your brain allowing you to express yourself creatively. You can make music with code, art, and fashion. You can animate an illuminated Zac Posen designer dress! This demonstration is similar to the light up sneakers that you can buy. It also empowers you to be resilient, to keep trying until the code works, and it gives you the keys to innovation.

Career Opportunities

Software development allows people to build applications that can be used globally to change lives. You’ll find software is being used in the medical industry for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. It’s, of course, in every app on your smart phone and computer. And it’s engineered right in your car from the basic dashboard to the embedded computer in Tesla’s vehicles.

You can be handsomely paid as a software developer. In 2015 the median salary for US workers in this position earned $98,250, and the highest paid 10% in this profession earned $153,710, and the lowest earned $57,340. The highest paid positions in the country are as you probably guessed it, in the tech capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose.

So with all this in mind, teaching kids the fundamentals of how code works will surely set them up with valuable skills for their life, with their career and general life skills. Now just to be clear, I’m not advocating teaching young kids to code complex languages like JavaScript! But there are methods to introduce the basic building blocks of how coding works.

It’s for Girls too

Right now there is even more a reason to encourage girls in pursuing it too, because the gender gap is getting worse. In 1984 only “37% of all computer science graduates were women, now that number is just 18%.“, But thankfully there are now many groups popping up to help support girls with learning to write code: Girls Who Code, Made With Code, and Girl Develop IT to name a few.

Smart Toys that Teach

For young kids, there are now smart robotic toys that can get them engaged from just six years old. Ozobot Smart Toy Robots offer two options for kids to play and learn with, Evo or Bit. They resemble miniature R2D2’s and they provide more than purely electronic entertainment, they are interactive learning machines. They teach the modular fashion which is how code is formed. For example, by drawing specific colors onto regular plain paper the robot follows along and responds differently to the color it travels on. The robot will either change speed, light up, or change direction. You can even make them dance! The act of learning color coding connects to the building blocks of how the code works at a basic fundamental level. The Evo can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. The newer robot of the two, Evo, also allows kids over 8 years old to message each other through a smartphone app and to send messages of emotion which their robot will enact, like joy or surprise. At the moment you can get 10% Off your order! Just enter promo code ozo10off23 at checkout. Plus, shipping is currently FREE too!


Aside from setting up your child with the possible career options in the future within our ever developing world of technology, you would also be supporting their developmental growth which in itself is absolutely priceless.

written by Tamsin
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